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Kitchen Plast Jaw Crushers are configured for primary
crushing of even hardest rock.
Our Jaw Crushers are crushing without rubbing Minimum
dust Oil lubrication, devise having Oil/Grease lubrication system.
Easy Go Machine
Extensive experience in the field and close look at end user requirement have helped us a lot to create sophisticated machine, unlike the conventional machine “Kitchenplast Scourer – Scrubber making machine” offers state-of-the art technology.
• Labor
  Our Scourer-Scrubber making machines
are manufactured to suit the demand of the day.
  It can manufacture
• Stainless Steel Scourer-Scrubber
• Galvanized Scourer-Scrubber
• Brass Scourer-Scrubber
  The machine output is 25-30 kg/8 hours
Means for 10 Grams Scour: 2500 – 3000 Pcs/8 hours
  Compared to other Scourer making machine our machine can give users “very less production cost” because…
• Our machine required 3.7 Hp electricity, when other machine generally use 5Hp +
   1Hp air Compressive
• Our machine gives you around 3000 Pcs/8 hours production, much higher than other.
• No need of air Compressor, that means less maintains.
• Surprising almost 0% production wastage also cut production cost.
• Required less space for instillation
• Unskilled labor can open to this machine that means low labor cost applied in “Production cost”
   rom “Row material to profit” complete PROJECT REPORT is available on request please contact us.
The machine is perfectly designed for “User friendly production line”. So it has very negligible maintenance cost which is less than USD 5/1000 kg production. The spare parts are easily available in local market.
  Surprisingly this machine has almost 0% wastage of Row material.
Means, compared to other machine our machine will not affect production cost due to row material wastage.
  Details about required row material are available on request.
  Any unskilled labor can operate Scour – Scrubber manufacturing machine easily. That means “Low Labor Cost” applied in production cost.

The machine contains “Electronic A.C. control System”. The special software in the control system is designed to be modified as per need. Differential voltage input can be controlled. This digitalizes control system allowed users for very sharp changes in “Speed”, which is necessary for spring action.

Hand control is also given to simplify the control system so any unskilled labor can operate the machine.

  If the machine can give facility to produce any type of Scourer-Scrubber, than we can say that it is a “COMPLETE SCOURER MANUFACTURING MACHINE”.
  Yes our machine is “The Perfect Machine” because it can produce
• Small round spring.
• Big round spring.
• Short Spring action
• Long Spring action
  also can manufacture
• Magnetic stainless steel scourer scrubber
• Non magnetic stainless steel scourer scrubber
• Galvanized stainless steel scourer scrubber
• Brass stainless steel scourer scrubber

Wide Applicability

This scourer has very wide applicability & usage to clean following…

Kitchenware: Washing pots, Pans, Ovens Grills, Bar-B- Queue Grills, Glass wares, Oily frying, Pans, Sinks, Gas burners, Burned Utensils

Industrial use: Rusted surface, Oily and greasy surface, oily and greasy surface, to remove hard durts from any metal part

House hold use: To clean Toilet accessories Tiles, Kitchen Platform, Kitchen sink, staircase etc.

Automobile: Tyres, tubes, oil spares & parts lower body surface of vehicles

Vegetables: For peeling, carrots, potatoes etc.

  The scourer-scrubber is
• Having long lasting strength
• Very smooth edge, safe for hands
• Hygienic to health, do not rust, germs free
• Consumes very less soap & detergent
  The electric power Consumption table is as below:
Electricity Consumption
No. of Pcs. Part Description H.P. K. Wati Consumption in Unit / 1 Hour
1 3 phase motor with a/c control system 3 HP 2.2 KW 2.2 Unit / 1 Hour
1 1 phase condling pump 0.70 HP 0.5 KW 0.5 Unit/ 1 Hour
2 Electronic Digital Counters System Nigligibvle Electricity Consumpti
2 Indicator Lamps
The machine does not required any
AIR COMPRESSOR that means less power and less maintains
  • Light indicator system gives perfect timing
  • Extra musical buzzer system
  • Extra Handy control
  • Specially heat treated long lasting alloy roller
  • Innovation tension system
  • Production detail per shift, per hour can be visualized
  • Compact in size

The machine can produce Scourer with weight from 4 Grams to 80 Grams.

The machine can give weight perfection up to “Second Digit of Grams” with the help of Digital
Counter System and electronic A. C. control panel.

Means if you want manufacture scourer with weight of 8.450 Grams yes you can do it with our machine.

This part of machine needs technology and very important “The Experience” which we have of 10 years.

  The complete “PROJECT REPORT” containing calculation from “Raw material to Profit” is available on request. (FOR EUROPIAN UNION ONLY)
Machine Size
Description Width Length Height Dimension
Main Machine Size 500 mm 1400 mm 1500 mm All Dimension are in mm
Other Accessories [including collect pump & wire spool holder] 500 mm 1000 mm 550 mm
Total Required space of machine 500 mm 2400 mm 1500 mm

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